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Check and Cleans in Toowoomba

Patient in dental chairYour first visit to Seven Springs Dental will consist of a comprehensive exam and visit with one of our dentists. During this detailed evaluation, we will assess your risk factors for issues such as cavities, gum disease, teeth grinding and more. The information we gather will serve as an important baseline to reference at your future checkups.

Our Approach to Care Planning

We understand that each individual’s concerns and priorities are different as it relates to their oral health. During your appointment, we’ll take extra time to discuss what options there are, answer any questions you have and review treatment alternatives available.

We never want you to feel rushed; we’re happy to help navigate the oral care experience with you by educating you about your options.

Dr. Gus smiling at patient

What to Expect

During your examination appointment we’ll also take a set of low-dose digital X-rays to aid in proper evaluation of your oral health status. High-resolution digital photographs are also used to share information with you and monitor any changes over time.

Most of our patients benefit from a checkup and clean every six months. However, those at a higher risk of periodontal infection or caries may do better with more frequent visits every 3-4 months.

A Biological Approach to Care

If you have specific concerns related to your biological and holistic oral health needs, please feel free to share those with us ahead of time. This will ensure that we can pair you with an appropriate practitioner who can discuss those needs with you.

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