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New Patients at Seven Springs Dental

The dentists at Seven Springs Dental have a holistic mindset when it comes to your smile. We’ve designed our practice to have a relaxing, spa-like ambiance and cutting-edge technology—such as ozone therapy and air filtration—to ensure your visit with us is one of a kind.

Focusing on Your Goals

During your first visit, our primary goal is to listen to your concerns, address existing oral health problems, and work together to formulate a patient-centred care plan. Whether you’re hoping to invest in complete oral rehabilitation, removal of amalgam fillings safely, or request a cosmetic makeover, your goals are ours.

Our team of dentists has extensive experience and training in all areas of dentistry, ensuring cohesive decisions that are in your best interest. From pain relief to flexible financing, we work to ensure an experience that gets ahead of your oral health needs before they become major problems.

What to Expect

Your new patient appointment is about half an hour long and consists of a comprehensive examination and consultation with one of our dentists.If you have any concerns, we will share our findings via digital X-rays and/or intraoral photographs, allowing you to co-plan your care alongside us.

We will always provide all viable options to improve your oral health, rather than steer you into one specific procedure. Especially when it comes to something short versus long-term results. We always promise transparent pricing.

Parents, easily watch your children on our live feed monitor while you’re in your appointment. Everyone is safe and well looked after!

If you’d also like to see the hygienist for a scale and clean, we can arrange for that or book you to come back at a separate time.

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* Seven Springs Dental – Pay Nothing Promotion Terms and Conditions »

A Person claiming the “Pay Nothing” Promotion:

  • Must be over the age of 18 years old.
  • Must be a New Patient to the practice, meaning must not have had a previous Comprehensive Examination completed within the practice.
  • Must have an appointment scheduled with a Dentist for a Comprehensive Examination, Radiographs, and Photographic Records and an Oral Health Therapist for a Clean, Dietary Analysis and Advice, Oral Hygiene Instruction and Topical Application of Remineralisation Agents.
  • Must have Appointments either scheduled for same day or different days no more than 30 days apart from each other.
  • Must be covered with a Health Fund Insurance and have Extras Dental Cover.
  • Must have available benefits at the time of claiming with their Health Fund Insurance for the following Item Numbers. Should an Item Number not have a payable benefit the person claiming is responsible for the cost of this Item Number. The exact item numbers charged will depend completely on the needs of the person claiming and will vary from person to person:
    • 011 – Comprehensive Oral Exam
    • 022 – Intraoral radiograph – per exposure
    • 072 – Photographic records – intraoral – per appointment
    • 114 – Removal of calculus – 1st visit
    • 121 – Topical applic’n of remineralisation agents, 1 treatm’t
    • 131 – Dietary analysis and advice
    • 141 – Oral hygiene instruction
  • Must have their Health Fund Insurance card available for on-the-spot claiming through Hicaps Terminal and the Health Fund Insurance must be available for claim processing at the time of the appointment.

Should any of the above terms and conditions not be met the Pay Nothing Promotion will be voided and the person will be responsible for the cost of the services rendered.


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