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Children’s Dentistry in Toowoomba

Children holding teeth modelAt Seven Springs Dental, our team of practitioners has on-staff clinicians who specifically work with children of all ages. Your family can easily schedule everyone’s checkups in the same location, improving access to care and overall convenience.

The Importance of Early Dental Care

Your child’s earliest experience with dental care will define their whole life relationship with dentistry. We want it to start off on the right foot. The earlier you bring your child in for their first checkup, the better we’re able to help your family prevent painful dental conditions in the future. The more familiar they are with our team and atmosphere, the more likely your child is to look forward to their checkups. Even if parents struggle with dental anxiety, we can help them ensure the best experience possible for their children.

Sometimes children aren’t able to receive care until they’re already experiencing a painful dental issue. When that’s the case, we can arrange for general anaesthesia to ensure a comfortable care process.

Cute boy brushing his teeth

Preventing Issues Before They Start

In addition to thorough checkups and cleans, we also offer preventative services for children like fissure sealants and fluoride, lowering their risk of tooth decay in the future. Our practitioners will make a point to have conversations about oral health habits and diet, empowering your child to improve their future wellness.

We also have a myofunctional therapist on staff who is highly trained in areas of orofacial development. From swallowing patterns to facial development, bone structure and muscle motions can impact your child’s facial growth and dental development. Myofunctional therapy allows for a preventative and proactive approach to care as your child’s skeletal structures mature.

Reserve Your Child’s Checkup Today

Plan your child’s dental checkup every six months from the moment their first tooth erupts. Contact our office today to reserve your family’s next visit with us.


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