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Same-Day Dental Crowns in Toowoomba

Thanks to advanced CEREC technology, Seven Springs Dental is able to provide same-day dental crowns in our office. This traditionally two-visit procedure is consolidated into one with the help of 3D imaging and milling equipment.

Why do I Need a Dental Crown?

Dr Tommy talking to patientThere are usually two reasons why someone may need a crown.

The first is for cosmetic issues. Perhaps there are teeth that are broken or discoloured and veneers aren’t an option. Instead, we can place one crown or several crowns across your smile to improve its appearance. For smile makeovers we can provide a wax up preview where you test drive your smile before the actual treatment begins.

Second is to preserve the strength of a tooth. When teeth have breaks, large fillings or are starting to wear down, repairing it with a filling is no longer appropriate. Crowns cover the entire tooth. We also use crowns following root canal treatment to protect the remaining tooth structure.

Woman smiling in dental chair

What to Expect

Same-day dental crown treatments usually take two hours from start to finish. The visit begins with numbing and prepping your tooth. Then a digital scan captures a virtual impression of your tooth for the milling equipment. The milling machine takes about 40 minutes to carve the crown. You can spend that time however you like (some people prefer to watch the machine while others go shopping). Then we seat you again to try in the crown and make any final adjustments.

What Do Same-Day Crowns Look Like?

Our CEREC crowns are crafted from attractive porcelain materials that are both lifelike and aesthetic. We use a special 1400-degree furnace to set the materials so that they are extremely strong and attractive. Your specific crown will be made from a material that is matched in colour and transparency to your adjacent teeth for the best overall results.

Save Time with Improved Accuracy

Enjoy a new smile in just one appointment. Conscious sedation and penthrox are available upon request. Contact us today to learn more.


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