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Orthodontic Treatment in Toowoomba

girl smiling with bracesOrthodontic treatments at Seven Springs Dental are a great investment for both children and adults who want to improve the alignment and function of their teeth.

Enhancing the alignment of your teeth can reduce the chances of jaw pain, worn enamel, chipped teeth, gum disease and decay. Braces also address cosmetic issues, such as crowding and symmetry, for a more attractive smile.

Getting Started

At our practice, the orthodontic treatment process begins with taking photographs and molds of your teeth to determine the best course of treatment. Then, we’ll have you back to discuss a personalised plan of care tailored to your unique needs and goals.

When Should My Child Have an Evaluation?

For children, it’s best to have an orthodontic consultation at age 7. At this stage of development, we can see where most of their adult teeth are positioned, but their oral development is still ongoing. This allows for early intervention and growth modification, reducing the need for extractions or surgery later on.

In turn, we can use orthodontic appliances to correct issues such as misaligned jaws, jaw shape, sizing, and tooth crowding before it becomes severe.

How Long Is the Treatment?

The length of orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of the case. On average, most basic misalignment treatments take about a year and a half to complete, but more complicated cases can take up to two and a half years.

Spark Clear Aligners

For anyone concerned about the appearance of metal in their mouth, Spark clear aligners may be the best option. Similar to Invisalign orthodontics, Spark clear aligners are removable, contoured to your teeth and practically invisible. They’re best suited for simple cases of tooth misalignment. If you’re looking for a more cosmetically friendly approach to orthodontic therapy, be sure to discuss clear aligners during your evaluation.

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