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Teeth Whitening in Toowoomba

A whiter smile can help your teeth look their best. Whitening at Seven Springs Dental is the perfect solo smile makeover but it can also be used to prepare for other cosmetic procedures (such as veneers or crowns) to match your updated restorations.

Perhaps you want to whiten your teeth because of naturally dark enamel or stains they’ve picked up over the years. Whatever your motivation, we offer a choice of effective professional treatments to help you reach your goals.

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In-Chair Whitening

Most of our patients prefer in-chair whitening for the immediate results and brightest white possible. This same-day procedure will help you look your best in the least amount of time required.

During these procedures, we use a shade guide to measure your before and after tooth colour. The process takes about two hours to complete and includes a cosmetic clean so that the whitening gel is directly penetrating clean tooth surfaces. Next, the gel is applied and activated, then reapplied as needed. You’ll see instant results that are several shades brighter than before you started.

Take-Home Whitening

In-home whitening is a more gradual process that works well for some of our patients. For instance, if you prefer to alternate which days you’re whitening to better manage tooth sensitivity or top off after each checkup, you might prefer an in-home kit.

For your at-home whitening treatment, we’ll take a set of impressions and fit you with custom trays to apply your bleaching gel. Your trays will be ready to pick up about two weeks later. We’ll review all of the instructions with you so that you know exactly what to do once you return home with your whitening system.

Request a Consultation

Find out which teeth whitening treatment is right for you. Request a consultation today to discuss your options. Be sure to ask about our special offer on all in-chair whitening treatments.


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