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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Toowoomba

Looking inside patients mouthWisdom teeth frequently become impacted or fail to completely erupt because of a lack of space in the back of the mouth. As a result, the adjacent healthy tooth may easily be damaged, or pressure from overcrowding may push other teeth out of alignment. Having the tooth removed at Seven Springs Dental is often the best response to frequent complications.

Should I Remove My Tooth?

Removing impacted or partially impacted teeth helps protect the health and tooth alignment of your overall smile. When discomfort arises from pressure, or cysts around your wisdom teeth, removing them provides the best long-term prognosis.

Even when fully erupted, wisdom teeth are more prone to gum disease and decay because of their position. If you find it difficult to keep them clean, it’s in the best interest of your adjacent teeth to go ahead and have them removed.

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Options for Removal

Dr Greg is highly skilled in oral surgery and has a special interest in wisdom tooth removal. Depending on the placement of your teeth and how far along they have developed, removal may be simple or more surgical. Dr Greg recommends his patients have the procedure done under general anaesthesia at a local private hospital, rather than in-chair at our surgery.

Not all practices offer this option to their patients, and we’re glad to be able to provide this service. Instead of having multiple appointments at our practice, Dr Greg removes all four teeth at the same time while you’re asleep.

Wisdom teeth often prove problematic to remove, and general anaesthesia allows Dr Greg to perform the procedure without fear of causing you discomfort. Your gums will heal at the same time, and there won’t be a lot of dental anxiety tied to the procedure.

Here When You Need Us

We provide detailed post-operative instructions for your home care following the removal. However, we’re always available to address concerns or answer questions if and when you need us. Someone from our team will be in contact with you on the next day to ensure you’re doing well and follow up on your recovery process.

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If you have concerns about your or your teen’s wisdom teeth, contact our office to schedule an exam.


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