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Sedation and Phobic Patients in Toowoomba

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At Seven Springs Dental, one of our main focuses is to help you feel relaxed at the dentist’s office. Whether you require routine care or emergency treatment, we want the process to be as comfortable as possible.

We strive to create a very good experience when caring for anxious patients, and the results show as they often recommend others to our office, which is the biggest compliment we could receive.

Comfort and Sedation Options

In our dental practice we are devoted to ensuring our patients are as comfortable as possible during their dental appointments.

One huge factor for most patients is to ensure anaesthetic is delivered in the most pain free method possible. We are very proud to provide our patients Anaesthetic Delivery through the Wand System.

Every treatment room our practice is equipped with this computer-controlled local anaesthetic system. This system ensures the anaesthetic is delivered at a controlled pressure and rate providing our patients a comfortable option when being numbed for treatment.

In some cases we use conscious sedation with penthrox to give our patients fully relaxing experience. This type of sedation is very safe as you are awake and perfectly able to communicate with us during the session. With inhalation sedation, you’re fully recovered within 20 minutes. However, if patients are using inhalation sedation we recommend they organise transport to and from their appointment to allow ample recovery time.

Our practice is also able to offer patient treatment under general anaesthesia at a local private hospital. Situations where general anaesthetic is used might include oral surgery, wisdom tooth removal or more complex dental implant placement.

Is Dental Sedation Right For Me?

As with any medical procedure, some precautions and considerations need to be taken into account for every particular sedation case.

If you wish to have your treatment completed under conscious sedation just let us know on your first visit. We’ll review your health history and discuss the options available.

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