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Dentures in Toowoomba

Dentures up closeAt Seven Springs Dental we understand the importance of having a full and functional set of teeth, which is why we offer two types of dentures: partial and full.

Dentures are an efficient way to replace all your missing teeth. Whether your entire smile requires rehabilitation or there are only a few teeth missing, we can tailor your denture design to fit and look as best as possible.

Partial Dentures

These appliances are designed to replace one or more missing teeth when you still have several healthy teeth remaining. Most partials usually have a metal framework with clasps that fit around your healthy teeth. This helps keep the appliance in place and provides a secure and stable base for the artificial teeth. We also offer acrylic partials, which are a faster and more affordable option, making them ideal for temporary use (such as when you’re waiting for dental implant treatment).

Full Dentures

These appliances, on the other hand, are designed to restore all the teeth in an arch at one time. These ‘plates’ are a great option if you’re missing most or all of your teeth, and the remaining ones need to be removed for therapeutic purposes.

Implant-Supported Overdentures

For added security and comfort, we also offer implant-stabilised dentures. These full plates clip onto two or four implants for added security throughout the day but are still removable. They are extremely helpful in situations where narrow or shallow bone makes it difficult to wear a removable appliance, especially for lower dentures.

Designing Your New Appliance

The denture fitting process usually requires several visits and impressions to adjust the material to your exact bite and ensure a comfortable and secure fit. We take great care to curate the exact aesthetic design that you want, so that you’re happy with the end results. Our goal is to help you achieve a functional and beautiful smile that you can be proud of.

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